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Corrosion Data Sheet (CoDS)

About Corrosion Data Sheet (CoDS) Online

NIMS structural materials data sheets contain various types of data (e.g., creep, fatigue, corrosion and cryogenic fatigue properties) collected systematically and without bias using standardized testing methods. For more than 40 years, these data sheets have provided industry with fundamental data for determining appropriate design stress and selecting proper materials to enable the design of machines and structures of adequate strength. They have also been used as reference materials to estimate the degree of deterioration and the remaining life of various materials in use.

This site contains "corrosion data sheet" among NIMS structural materials data sheets.

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Recorded Data

Materials Obtaining route Shape
Electrolytec iron 99.95%Fe melt Plate
Fe-Ni binary alloy Fe-1%Ni melt Plate
Fe-3%Ni melt Plate
Fe-5%Ni melt Plate
Fe-9%Ni melt Plate
Fe-Cr binary alloy Fe-1%Cr melt Plate
Fe-3%Cr melt Plate
Fe-5%Cr melt Plate
Fe-9%Cr melt Plate
Fe-Cu binary alloy Fe-0.4%Cu melt Plate
Carbon steel SM490A market Plate
Weathering steel SMA490 market Plate
SPA-H market Plate
Fe-Si binary alloy Fe-1%Si melt Plate
Fe-3%Si melt Plate
Fe-Al bianry alloy Fe-1%Al melt Plate
Fe-3%Al melt Plate


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